Cursillo Movement of the Archdiocese of Boston

The Cursillo method aims at helping to transform, in a Christian way, the environments where people live and work through the involvement of "new men and women" who have become such from their encounter with Christ. This is a goal of the three day "little course" on Christianity; in which a team of priests and lay people, supported by the prayer and sacrifices of the movement's other members, communicated the fundamental truths of the Christian faith in an especially "living way."
Pope John Paul II, July 29, 2000

Boston Cursillo Fall 2020 Ultreya Invitation
De Colores!
Boston Cursillo Morning of Prayer

What: Morning of Prayer using the scripture from John 20: 19-29.
When: Saturday, November 14th 9:15am -11:30am
Where: Over Zoom

Please join us on Zoom Saturday, November 14th starting promptly at 9:30am. Please sign in no later than 9:15am.

This is an event for our entire Cursillo Community as well anyone else who would like to join. Please feel free to invite someone who is interested in Cursillo or someone you think would enjoy the morning. "Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ."

While our gathering will be on Zoom, we will still be joining together in song, prayer, and faith sharing. We are delighted to let you know that MaryAnn McLaughlin will lead us in prayer for the event. All are welcome.

Due to the virtual nature of our Morning of Prayer, we ask everyone to RSVP to no later than Wednesday November 12th. The link will be sent the week of November 9th to all who RSVP.

For those who are new to Zoom, or still learning how it works, a link to the instructions is posted on our website. Instructions can also be emailed to anyone who requests them.

Come on! Ultreya! March Forward! These are the words of Saint Pope John Paul II to the Cursillistas at the World Ultreya in Rome in 2009. Ultreya! Come on, it's not far now! This is the message we share when we meet at our Ultreyas.
  • To encourage each other in faith,
  • To share lives in friendship,
  • To live out Christianity within a community through a reunion, and
  • To support each other in following the path of everyday life
Zoom Instructions

Please remember to save the date for our Morning of Prayer!
Saturday November 14th 9:30- 11:30 AM
Details and invitation to be sent out soon.

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